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Taco More

When we walked into Taco More, the phrase “stranger in a strange land” popped into my head. Located in a nondescript stretch of North Austin, Taco More is just what it sounds like: a basic taco joint. But it’s also the kind of place where English might not get you very far. Luckily, the staff there couldn’t have been friendlier.

This was the only place we’ve ever been to where the staff asked us (in a kind, curious sort of way) why we were taking pictures. Maybe they don’t get that too often, which is too bad because the tacos are bona fide.

We got a few different ones to share. With tacos, I’ve found that the difference between good and great is subtle. Whatever the difference is–fresh ingredients, just the right amount of onion and cilantro–these guys have got it. I can’t remember what each of the ones below is, but I can tell you that there was some beef tongue involved, and it was every bit as tasty as tongue should be.

The chicken taco, which is something that would¬†usually¬†bore or depress me, actually had some taste to it. I guess chicken doesn’t have to be dry and awful.


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