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Working at a design firm, I often hear the phrase “out of box experience.” This expression refers to what the rest of us call “unpacking,” usually in reference to technology as Wikipedia points out. Design firms love to use fancy words to elevate what they do. They also like to use the word “experience” as much as possible.

But why should the “out of box experience” be limited to technology? What about the experience of unpacking a few pounds of smoked meat? In this post, I’ll answer that question with a few photos. I finally got around to ordering some of Allan Benton’s famous country ham and bacon. I decided to document the “experience.”

Of course, the real experience is putting a few slices in the skillet and making breakfast. This morning was my lucky day. (I usually cut my bacon in half because my skillet is only ten inches wide.)

I overcooked the bacon a little bit, so it was a tad brittle. But luckily I’ve got four pounds of this stuff. Practice makes perfect.


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