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Our first morning in Atlanta, Ben and I went to Sun in My Belly in Kirkwood.

This converted hardware store has my favorite breakfast in town. And this is no irrational obsession. Sun In My Belly seems to do everything right, from the mason jars on the table to the warm and cozy design of the room to the Boursin cheese in the scrambled eggs. Everything about the place is thoughtful.

Here it is: the Kirkwood breakfast. Scrambled eggs with Boursin cheese, thick and sweet honey glazed bacon, and a biscuit with butter and jelly. Perfection. Putting the jelly and the butter in the little spoons is a nice little touch.

Ben had the daily omelette special – bbq pork.

Their holiday decorations were beautiful and simple. This giant branch was suspended from the ceiling over our heads. It had fabric leaves and gold ornaments dangling from invisible filament. Lovely.

I love these old lockers in the sitting area. I need some of these to put things in.

Colored lights, holiday traffic, and that dreadful (ED. NOTE: awesome) song, Must be Santa leave me feeling crazed and exhausted. One Kirkwood breakfast enjoyed in Sun In My Belly’s thoughtfully designed and wonderfully cozy space and I’m back on track, ready to jab elbows with the best of them at Lenox Mall.


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In search of more comfort food in Atlanta, we headed to Roasters. (Apparently I’m fond of taking photos of tilted circles.) This cornbread muffin was one of the tastiest items we had in Atlanta.

These guys know how to cook a bird. And the sides are top-notch. Eliza had green beans and mac-and-cheese.

Their fried okra is one of my faves.

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Serpas, Atlanta GA

Serpas was recently named one of the country’s ten best new restaurants. We tried it on our recent trip to Atlanta.

Chef Scott Serpas was previously at Two Urban Licks, the popular Atlanta restaurant with the awful name and (as I recall) pretty great food. His new restaurant, located in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, has the same lofty feel that Two Urban Licks had.

I decided to have the burger because I was recovering from a case of the stomach flu and wanted some comfort food. It was fine, but I think I’m done ordering burgers at fancy restaurants. Putting burgers on the menu is trendy and always hard for me to resist, but it doesn’t always work out for me. I need to take advantage of fancy restaurants by ordering fancy things.

Eliza had something fancy (jumbo sea scallops with butternut spaghetti squash, panang curry), but I did a half-ass job of shooting it. It looks a little limp in the photo, but she loved it.

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This is the very image of happiness, what some would call a shit-eating grin:

This is Eliza savoring her favorite–I’m not exaggerating–her favorite thing to eat. That’s right. More than anything else in the world, Eliza loves veggie burritos from Willy’s in Atlanta. Every time we go back, she insists on eating there twice. It’s an utter mystery to me.

It’s not that Willy’s is bad. It’s just unremarkable. In fact, aren’t all burritos unremarkable? Isn’t a burrito what you get when there’s nothing else around? Isn’t a burrito pretty much the epitome of settling? Here’s the burrito thought process: Well, I didn’t bring lunch to work and I can’t have real Mexican food because there’s nothing near here, and I shouldn’t eat a burger because it’ll put me to sleep, but I need something quick…

…I guess I’ll just get a burrito.

That’s why we get burritos, right? Because there’s nothing else. We’re certainly not excited about it. And when are forced to eat burritos, we get meat on them, right? (Preferably double meat, am I wrong?)

But perhaps on a deeper level, what’s concerning about this is what it says about me. If my wife loves veggie burritos, does she love guys who are like veggie burritos? Does she settle? (I’ve always thought of myself as more of a double cheeseburger.)

But hey, if it puts a shit-eating grin on her face, maybe eating shit isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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Watershed, Atlanta GA

Watershed is one of those old standby restaurants you always hear people talking about in Atlanta. Somehow, neither Eliza nor I had ever been there. We finally made it for brunch.

On Jeff’s recommendation, Eliza got the country ham and cheese sandwich.

I had the creamed spinach with corn cakes and poached eggs. I like eating poached eggs because when they’re placed in front of me, they tremble. They know what’s coming.

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