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I just noticed that Eater NY used one of the photos from ourĀ Osteria Morini post.

Here it is again, in all its glory:


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Our friend Steph does some food writing for the Huffington Post. Earlier this week, she published a review of two Austin restaurants featuring some photos taken by Eliza and me.

Here’s another one of Eliza’s that wasn’t featured in the article.

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Just in case…

To reiterate, if you’re seeing this post, you are at the wrong site. Please visit us (or update your RSS reader) at chickenfriedeverything.com.

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Everyone loves lists and I’m no exception. (Check out Green Olive’s 15 best meals of the year here.) Here you have my favorite photos of the year. These represent some random combination of how much I like the photo and how much I liked the meal. Presented in chronological order.

1.  Skate bun at Momofuku Noodle Bar.

2. Stevie at the downtown Austin farmer’s market.

3. Charcuterie plate, featuring Dai Due and Kocurek.

4. Chicken taco from Takorea. As you can see, this was my white period.

5. Sign at Father’s Office.

6. Place setting at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon.

7. Brisket closeup at Franklin Barbecue. Special thanks to those guys for linking to our post from their web site.

8. Brisket from Texas Rib Kings. As you can further see, this was my brisket period.

9. Eliza loving life at Russ & Daughters.

10. This one’s obviously more about the food than the photo: pimento cheese with sausage from Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ, served to us up at the Big Apple BBQ courtesy of Jeff and Elizabeth.

11. Top Notch sign.

12. Eliza nibbling the goods at Luling City Market.

13. Fried Alligator at Cochon.

14. Eliza’s mom, serenaded in New Orleans.

15. Eliza braving post-blizzard NYC.

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We’ve Moved!

If you are seeing this post on your RSS reader or web browser, you should know that we’ve moved our blog to chickenfriedeverything.com (we’re self-hosting our blog, so it will no longer be found at chickenfriedeverything.wordpress.com). So you may want to update your feed. Thanks!

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