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We’re ringing in 2011 with black eyed peas and mustard greens at our house tonight to bring us lots of luck and money this year. I think it’s gonna be a good one and I’m ready with my new bejeweled felt wall calendar that I just finished this afternoon.

I took Kat McTee’s Spangled Felt Calendar class at the Stitch Lab before Christmas. I love everything about the Stitch Lab, and this class was my new favorite. Kat designed and screen printed the felt calendar designs on wool felt and we got to choose between woodland, peacock, kitty, or spaceship motifs.

As you can see, I went with the woodland scene and bedazzled the heck out of it with felt cutouts, sequins, beads, pom poms, and a few stitches.


I used a tiny bit of felted wool so my fawn could be a white-tailed one.


My prickly hedgehog.


I couldn’t resist adding the gold sequin leaves. 2011 is sure to be a sparkly year.


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King of the Hill

Eliza’s crafty streak continues. This time she made a bed for little Stevie. It looks great, but may be slightly overstuffed. It seems like more of a doggie trampoline at this point. Stay tuned for the downsizing…

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Made with Love

I adore the purl bee and all the fun projects they post. Here are some Valentine pins I made while watching way too many episodes of Lost on our Netflix instant queue.

Ben and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day at the Alamo Drafthouse with their Gone with the Wind Valentine’s Day Feast. Five southern-inspired courses with drink pairings will hopefully sustain us for the nearly four hours of Scarlett and Rhett. The Valentine’s Day Feast is becoming a tradition for us – last year we saw Casablanca and the year before it was The Notebook. Despite his best efforts, Ben loved The Notebook and sobbed right along with me at the end.

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Sweet Stitches

In honor of my very favorite holiday, I embroidered a set of cocktail napkins using Wild Olive’s Trick-or-Treaters patterns. I love their expressive little faces.

Happy Halloween!

halloween napkins 1

halloween napkins 2

halloween napkins 3

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Charmed, I’m Sure

Last Sunday, I headed to Leslie Bonnell’s Stitch Lab for Charm Bracelets & Earrings with Jennifer Perkins of the Naughty Secretary Club. I’m a big fan of Jennifer’s Cha Cha Bracelets, crammed with more wonderfully tacky beads and bits than you could ever dream of. They remind me of those amazing plastic charms I lusted after as a child of the 80s. Remember the toothpaste, the roller skate, the lipstick, the baby bottle?

Here’s the bracelet I made. Ben calls it the “creepy doll bracelet.”

creepy doll

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