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About a year ago at this time, we were remodeling our kitchen, so we spent a lot of time travelling back and forth to Ikea. Our Ikea is located about 20 miles north of us in Round Rock. As it turns out, remodeling your kitchen with Ikea ends up requiring a lot of trips there. So we got to know this trip a little too well. You might say that I developed some negative associations with the place. After all, part of the reason we moved to Austin (from Atlanta) was to spend a little less time in our cars.

Anyway, at the time, I had this idea to write a blog post called “Round Rock is Hell On Earth,” in homage to these trips and the prevailing impression Round Rock had made on me, which is best captured in these photos.


But America, as they say, is the land of second chances. And Round Rock has officially redeemed itself in my eyes. We owe it to Eliza’s sister Margaret and her husband Matt, who insisted on a visit to Round Rock Donuts on a recent trip here. They came back to our place with not just a dozen donuts, but also one “Texas Sized.”

Round Rock, I’m sorry I said all those things about you. It turns out I just hadn’t given you a chance. Of course, it also helps when you’re willing to come to my place, instead of the other way around.



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