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Here at Chicken Fried Everything, we’re drawn to pig-themed restaurants like moths to a flame. So when we heard about a new food truck called Three Little Pigs, we dropped everything and followed our noses to the parking lot they share with East End Wines.

Behold the pork belly slider. This one features a maple soy glaze, sliced green apple, and fried onion with a side of sesame cole slaw. Pork belly sliders seem to be all the rage these days, but this one is special. It’s sweet and salty punch to the gut (which I mean in the best possible way), served on a perfectly toasted bun. It also happens to be a diet friendly food, provided you are on the I’ve-worked-my-ass-off-all-week-and-I’ll-eat-whatever-the-hell-I-please diet, which I am.

As you can see, it’s also pretty generously sized for a slider.

Next up was Asian Fried Chicken with sweet chile sauce, wasabi mayo, and sesame cole slaw. We consider ourselves to be connoisseurs of Asian fried chicken around here, and while this stuff didn’t have the characteristically crisp skin of Korean fried chicken, it was one of the better pieces of fried chicken I’ve had in a while. In fact, the fried chicken was so well executed, I kind of wished it didn’t have any sauce on it.

Cracklin’ meatloaf wrapped in bacon with cheese grits and collard greens. The collard greens not only won Eliza’s seal of approval, they were her favorite part of the meal.


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Our friend Steph does some food writing for the Huffington Post. Earlier this week, she published a review of two Austin restaurants featuring some photos taken by Eliza and me.

Here’s another one of Eliza’s that wasn’t featured in the article.

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When I finally finished my month of work up in New York, I returned to Austin with Mexican on my mind. My craving for melty cheese took us to the place Texas Monthly deemed the “grand dame” of Texas Mexican restaurants: Fonda San Miguel.

Texas Mexican, by which we mean a Mexican restaurant located in Texas, is not to be confused with Tex-Mex. Not that there’s anything wrong with Tex-Mex, but you wouldn’t typically find heavenly fried oysters like this or octopus tostadas (above) at your typical Tex-Mex joint.

Even at the grand dame, though, they’re not above serving some melty cheese.

The real hero at Fonda San Miguel, though, is the homemade corn tortilla. It’s good to be back home.

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Part three of our April Bloomfield obsession takes us to the Breslin. Confusingly, you cannot order the Breslin burger in the Breslin restaurant (the burger is only available through room service and at the hotel bar). Nonetheless, we made do.

I had the Full English breakfast, which featured both sausage and bacon.

Eliza had the grilled three cheese sandwich with house smoked ham.

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