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I’ve lived in Texas for about four years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two things Texans love more than anything else: naming stuff after Texas, and wordplay. So we have Texpresso for coffee, Texadelphia for cheese steaks, and burgers from Burger Tex. Every time I drive by one of these places, I hear Jon Stewart’s George W Bush impression in my head, “See, it’s like regular burgers, but we’re in TEXAS! He-heh.”

Eliza and I have been debating Austin burgers for a while, with neither of us landing on a single favorite. I’ve heard more than one friend call Burger Tex their favorite, so we figured it was high time to check ’em out. A quest for the best makes a great excuse to eat burgers, after all, so consider this the beginning of a long journey. We’re in search of the truth.

Burger Tex’s claim to fame is their fresh buns, which they bake on site every day. Hence, “the freshest hamburgers in town.”

They also have a self-serve fixins bar, where I naturally overdosed on mayo. Sweet, delicious mayo.

It’s just a bad idea to put me within arm’s reach of this much mayonaise. I’m sure to overdo it. And I did. It all just reaffirms my conviction that when eating out, I’m not a fan of DIY. That’s why I can’t stand Mongolian BBQ. Cooking (or in this case, condiment squirting) is best left to the pros.

The onion rings were excellent.

Eliza had hers with fried okra.

It’s a fine burger, without a doubt. But if you go, take it easy on the mayo. And Texas: take it easy on the puns.


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We’re still settling into the house and cleaning up, so we haven’t had any official visitors. But every once in a while, we have some uninvited guests, like these vultures who stopped by yesterday. Nasty looking guys, but at least they clean up after themselves.

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