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Top Notch

When you have a blog called Chicken Fried Everything, some people assume that you only like fried food. That’s actually not the case. People who make assumptions like that, by the way, are the same kind of people that answer rhetorical questions. (“Who knew?” “I don’t know!”)

We don’t eat fried food every day, but it’s true that we like the stuff. And sure, there’s the occasional day when we feel like eating a plate of nothing but. On those days, we go to Top Notch.

Top Notch is about as old school as they come. I don’t imagine the interior of this place has changed for decades.

The burgers are char-grilled, but we tend to go for the fried chicken.

It goes great with french fries and fried okra. If you’re into fried food.


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It can be dangerous to start watching old country videos on YouTube. There’s just too much good stuff to be found, especially live performances from old TV shows. Hours fly by. Here’s a good one I found today featuring a young Loretta Lynn:

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The neighborhood bar holds a kind of mythic status. It’s an archetype that is in most of our heads, but few of our actual neighborhoods. I must have driven by Billy’s On Burnet a hundred times, often wondering what it was like inside. Having finally ventured inside, I think we may have discovered the perfect neighborhood burger bar.

When you sit on the porch at Billy’s, you don’t have your own conversation. You inevitably get drawn into a common conversation with everyone else out there (likely including Billy himself). The whole place–inside and out–just exudes friendliness.

I went with the Billy Burger. Solid.

Eliza had the veggie burger. An uncharacteristic choice, but she liked it.

When there are fried pies on the menu, we have a hard time saying no. So we didn’t.

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